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Therapy Services

Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you 

Aldous Huxley


Starting our Work

It is a brave step to reach out and the first major shift towards making the changes that you want to see in your life.

To start the process, we have an hour long consultation to meet and go through what it is you are looking for help with.

If we continue working together, then we will meet weekly in person at Ninesprings Health Centre.


Sessions last for one hour and are £50 per session.

As well as being a qualified counsellor, I am currently studying and under supervision at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London as a psychotherapist, and am a trainee member of the UKCP.

Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy

Psychosynthesis is a branch of psychotherapy that considers you as a whole.

In Psychosynthesis psychotherapy, you are not considered to be a set of symptoms, nor are you to be 'fixed'.

Psychosynthesis looks at the spectrum of:

your fears and your hopes

your triggers and your glimmers

your crises and your aspirations

Psychosynthesis holds your suffering, whilst also making space for that part of you striving for more.

Our work is relational - we are in this together, untangling and making clear of what is truly going on for you, in order for you then to uncover steps and create your path towards change.


You as a Whole

Our work together will consider all of you. The focusses may change and evolve, what we explore and work will shift.

But there is a thread through all of this that is You - what is meaningful, purposeful, and valuable to you will guide what we work on.


The practical implications for your life are very real. You may make decisions and show up in your own life more authentically, which can be exciting and challenging in equal degrees.


And you will not be doing this alone. 

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