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My Background

I am Elizabeth Brown, a trainee therapist in supervision, currently finishing my third year of my Psychotherapy Diploma at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, University of Middlesex.

I have particular interests in trauma, neurodiversity and neuropsychology,  as well as a growing awareness of ecopsychology.

My first career was as an Exploration Geologist many years ago, in the rocks of Mongolia and Canada. Even through this more technical work, I wanted to know how the world - as we see it now - came to be, and the patterns that tie our external landscape together.

Later, I trained as a strength and fitness coach, and from there co-founded a gym, where wellbeing is the priority. My connection with coaching was through the mental and emotional benefits that this relationship, community and structure provided.


Moving regularly throughout the week keeps my body and mood balanced, and these days I get the most out of training with friends and working on skills, especially flow and gymnastics movements.

Being near and within nature is vital to my wellbeing and connection to our world, and I love being near the coast and the hills for walks and photography.

I live in Yeovil, south Somerset, with my two teenage children.

My Approach

I believe each of us is already enough and complete. And... we may be wanting different, more, for ourselves too.

My drive - since I was very young - has been in living an authentic life. For myself, I entered into the world of psychology and self-help as a teen, and was constantly looking to apply what I was learning to my own life.

Above that, I have a passion to help guide others to do the same, should they be drawn to do so. For each human to find a way, that is more in line with themselves.

Tying together mind, body and feelings, and how our behaviours, habits and patterns lead into this is a part of how I came to be on this path.

Connecting to our personal will, and thus the realisation that we do have choice in our lives, can be key to being able to make decisions and meaningful long-term change.

I welcome you just as you are.

My Approach
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